Monday, July 25, 2005

trio at 3030 august 5th

all right! more music.

got an upcoming performance at 3030
this will probably be the last electro night there since the neighbors have complained and they have to cease hosting shows there.

the group:
brian dibblee- laptop
paul giallorenzo- synthesizer, objects
abraham gibson-electric guitar

there will be other groups playing also but i'm not sure who it will be. come out and say goodbye to electro night and get a dose of krang.

august 5th
9 pm
3030 w cortland

Thursday, July 14, 2005

music at 3030 on july 19th

bored out of my mind with no job (again) and this long year of poverty just dragging on,but I am happy to report that I'll be getting off my ass on tuesday july 19th and performing at 3030 as part of the elastro electronic music series.

the performers:
rotten milk
todd carter
paul giallorenzo
fred lonberg-holm
abe gibson

groups will be assembled randomly by the roll of dice

tuesday july 19th
9 p.m.
3030 w. cortland