Tuesday, May 31, 2005

poem in new issue of zygote

another edition (issue 40) of zygote in my coffee has hit the web. check out my poem 'stoned in my bathrobe' at www.zygoteinmycoffee.com not to mention fine work from a.d. winans, doug draime, and michael estabrook

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

lightbox orchestra may 27th

I will be performing this friday as a member of Fred Lonberg-Holm's Lightbox Orchestra. The show is may 27th at University of Chicago's Bartlett Performance Space (5640 S. University) It starts at 9 pm. Ivan Khilko will also play.

this incarnation of the lightbox orchestra is:
Fred Lonberg-Holm, Conductor
Jesse Seay-Flute
Aram Shelton-Clarinet
Kate Young-Bassoon
Josh Berman-Cornet
Ernst Karel-Trumpet
Amy Cimini-Viola
Matt Schneider-Guitar
Jason Stein-Bass Clarinet
Ken Vandermark-Clarinets
Jason Roebke-Bass
Michael Colligan-Dry Ice
Frank Rosaly-Percussion
Abraham Gibson-Guitar

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

30 Years of Abe

all of the sudden it is 2005 and i've been around for 30 years. celebrating my birthday today(along with archie shepp & bob dylan) with nothing feeling scary.
It's been a good week as chicago sputters into springtime, today outside it's MF'n beautiful, with lots of sun and sky.
A good week- I finally got to see the boredoms (last saturday night at logan square auditorium) I had pretty high expectations. I expected them to be so good that it would be like tripping without drugs. It was good to see them finally but I was a little let down and really tired as i made my way to the blue line station. Too much like a japanese butthole surfers. I expected it to be really precise, especially eye's parts, but it was kinda sloppy and didn't really hold my attention.
A good week- saw the final star wars movie on sunday so now after 28 years of this, I can finally get on with my life
and now shit, I'm thirty and the same. Tired, crazy, poor, crackling, inspired, etc.

peace out to mike w and his iron lung!

Friday, May 20, 2005

CCR Top Ten

10. Down On The Corner
9. Bad Moon Rising
8. Green River
7. Fortunate Son
6. Proud Mary
5. Suzie Q
4. Run Through The Jungle
3. Lodi
2. Lookin Out My Back Door
1. Effigy

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

111 essential records

1.peaches-the teaches of peaches
2.jim o'rourke-eureka
3.royal trux-cats and dogs
4. the pharcyde-labcabincalifornia
5.david bowie-the man who sold the world
7.pixies-surfer rosa
8.silver jews-american water
9. bob dylan-desire
10.oukast-the love below/speakerboxx
11.pj harvey-dry
12.can-ege bamyasi
13.pussy galore-rigth now!
14.makeup-i want some
15.rolling stones-exile on main street
16.grifters-one sock missing
17.meat puppets II
18.palace music-lost blues and other songs
19.kim fowley-outrageous
20.dinosaur jr-you're living all over me
21.ol dirty bastard-return to the 36 chambers
22.gastr del sol-upgrade and afterlife
23.kool keith-black elvis/lost in space
24.spacemen 3-the perfect prescription
25.velvet underground-white light/white heat
26.boredoms-vision creation newsun
27.brian eno-taking tiger mountain (by strategy)
28.clouddead s/t
29.butthole surfers-locust abortion technician
30.frank zappa-hot rats
31.sonic youth-sister
33.the fall-dragnet
34.minutemen-double nickels on the dime
35.13th floor elevators-easter everywhere
36.neil young-tonight's the night
37.the beatles-the white album
38.ween-chocolate and cheese
39.bongwater-the power of pussy
40.lou reed-coney island baby
42.beck-mellow gold
43.cannibal ox-the cold vein
44.yo la tengo-fakebook
45.sly and the family stone-there's a riot goin on
46.mc5-kick out the jams
47.black sabbath s/t
48.ornette coleman-science fiction
49.lord high fixers-is your club a secret weapon?
50.neil young-on the beach
51.john fahey-the legend of blind joe death
52.tv on the radio-desperate youth, blood thirsty babes
53.arthur brown-kingdom come
54.husker du-zen arcade
55.loren mazzacane connors/alan licht-hoffman estates
56.lou reed-street hassle
57.the damned-machine gun etiquette
58.will oldham-joya
59.brian eno-before and after science
60.sonic youth-daydream nation
61.kinks-muswell hillbillies
62.steve reich-music for 18 musicians
63.spacemen 3-taking drugs to make music to take drugs to
64.didjits-hey judester
65.jimi hendrix-axis:bold as love
66.the cure-disintegration
67.yo la tengo-i can hear the heart beating as one
68.captain beefheart and his magic band-trout mask replica
69.sun ra-space is the place
70.big black-songs about fucking
71.doo rag-like we do
72.dead milkmen-big lizard in my backyard
73.thinkin fellers union local 282-lovelyville
74.sun city girls-valentines from matahari
75.talking heads-fear of music
76.the specials s/t
77.paul and linda mccartney-ram
78.elvis costello-this year's model
79.guided by voices-alien lanes
80.x-los angeles
82.butthole surfers-rembrandt pussyhorse
83.oblivians-the sympathy sessions
84.sonic youth-bad moon rising
85.bonnie prince billy-i see a darkness
86.pink floyd-piper at the gates of dawn
87.mummies-play their own records
88.bob dylan-highway 61 revisited
89.gories-i know you fine but how you doin?
90.firehose-ragin full on
91.mighty caesars-english punk rock explosion
92.cream-disraeli gears
93.shannon wright-flightsafety
94.ween-the mollusk
95.orko-the psychotik alien
96.new york dolls s/t
97.cherubs-heroin man
98.negativland-helter stupid
100.john coltrane-meditations
101.kiss-hotter than hell
102.roxy music-siren
103.alice cooper-love it to death
104.eleventh dream day-prairie school freakout
105.royal trux-accelerator
106.beans-tomorrow right now
107.flying saucer attack-further
108.tom waits-frank's wild years
109.melt banana-charlie
110.lou reed-berlin
111.bob dylan and the band-the basement tapes

recommended books

in no certain order:

the knockout artist-harry crews
the pill vs. the springhill mine disaster-richard brautigan
planet joe-joe cole
london fields-martin amis
bluebeard-kurt vonnegut jr.
hunger-knut hamsun
radio free albemuth-philip k. dick
gravity's rainbow-thomas pynchon
ada, or ardor-vladimir nabakov
tarantula-bob dylan
the feast of love-charles baxter
the job-william s burroughs
how bluegrass music destroyed my life-john fahey
the outlaw bible of american poetry
the stranger-albert camus
last exit to brooklyn-hubert selby jr
the rosy crucifixion trilogy-henry miller
fear and loathing in las vegas-hunter s thompson
our band could be your life-michael azzerad
mexico city blues-jack kerouac
black mesa poems-jimmy santiago baca
pattern recognition-william gibson
car-harry crews
the biggest secret-david icke
the woman in the dunes-kobo abe
the sportswriter-richard ford
the cryptonomicon-neal stephenson
tales of beatnik glory-ed sanders
ham on rye-charles bukowski
the illuminatus trilogy-robert anton wilson
the crying of lot 49-thomas pynchon
in watermelon sugar-richard brautigan
the dream songs-john berryman
the cat inside-william s burroughs
the trial-franz kafka
the stargate conspiracy-lynn pickett & clive prince
collected poems-kenneth patchen
weaveworld-clive barker
body-harry crews
never mind the pollacks-neal pollack
pale fire-vladimir nabakov
the rachel papers-martin amis
ask the dust-john fante
tropic of capricorn-henry miller
waiting for the barbarians-j.m. coetze
cranial guitar-bob kaufman
speed-william s burroughs, jr
honeymooners-chuck kinder
shock value-john waters
a people's history of the united states-howard zinn
king of the roadkills-bucky sinister
house of leaves-mark z. danielewski
tristessa-jack kerouac
the lemon-mohammed mrabet
vineland-thomas pynchon
the nuclear age-tim o'brien
ubik-philip k. dick
prometheus rising-robert anton wilson
play the piano like a percussion instrument until the fingers begin to bleed a bit-charles bukowski
tropic of cancer-henry miller
breakfast of champions-kurt vonnegut,jr.
a coney island of the mind-lawrence ferlinghetti
the castle-franz kafka
bop!-sappho (a.k.a. wulf zendik)
children of the matrix-david icke
franny and zooey-j.d. salinger
hymns to saint geryon & dark brown-michael mcclure
schrondinger's cat trilogy-robert anton wilson
journey to the end of the night-louis ferdinand celine

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

zygote in my coffee

I've got poems online in the next three issues
of zygote in my coffee.
check out this month's-'schizzy connection'
at www.zygoteinmycoffee.com