Thursday, July 31, 2008

Uncle Gibby

After a little false alarm earlier in the week, and a long labor last night, my sister, Amy had her baby. She had a son named Jackson Walter Scott and he was born around 9 pm here in Tucson. So welcome to the world little nephew!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

don't miss out! Joe Carducci in Chicago August 2nd

I wish I could have timed it better and been able to attend but I'm urging my Chicago friends to not miss out on this event.

Joe Carducci, author of Rock & the Pop Narcotic, and Wyoming Stories will be at Quimby's answering questions and signing copies of his latest book- Enter Naomi. Regular readers of this blog will already know that I consider this man to be one of the most important writers on Music and Culture, so in other words, don't miss it!!!

Saturday August 2nd
7:00 pm

Quimby's Bookstore
1854 West North Avenue
Wicker Park- Chicago
773 342 0910

They are also having Gary Panter instore earlier in the day. A hell of a day at Quimby's!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kirkwood Artwork included in Sensational Fix Exhibit in France

If you would like to get up close and personal with Curt Kirkwood's artwork for the Lee Ranaldo Silver Wonder chapbook- Hello From the American Desert and you happen to be in France then you still have a chance.

Sensational Fix is an art exhibit focused around Sonic Youth and is running from June 18th-September 7th. It also features a live performance by the group August 9th.

There is talk of this exhibition traveling around Europe and the U.S. but I think the details have yet to be hammered out.

Other Kirkwood art includes the cover art from Meat Puppets II & Up On The Sun. Here is the list of the other stellar artists involved:

Vito Acconci, Rita Ackerman, Jerry Aronson, Olivier Assayas, Dara Birnbaum, Angelique Bosio, Joe Brainard, Glenn Branca, William S. Burroughs, John Cage, Ira Cohen, Tony Conrad, Sofia Coppola, Tacita Dean, Jeremy Earl, Barbara Ess, John Fahey, Jeff Feuerzeig, Marco Fusinato, Isa Genzken, Allen Ginsberg, Stefano Giannvanini, Jack Goldstein, Mark Gonzalez, Kim Gordon, Dan Graham, Rodney Graham, Matt Groening, Brion Gysin, Tim Hailand, Jeff Hartford, Todd Haynes, Dick Higgins, Ake Hodell, Jenny Holzer, Tim Irwin, Marc Jacobs, Cameron Jamie, Spike Jonze, Mike Kelley, Richard Kern, Jack Kerouac, Jutta Koether, Harmony Korine, D.A. Levy, Robert Longo, George Maciunas, Yukinori Maeda,Gerard Malanga, Manda, Christian Marclay, Paul McCarthy, Loren Mazzacane Connore, Jonas Mekas, John Miller, Maya Miller, Heath Moerland, Robert Mooney, Thurston Moore, Michael Morely, Bill Nace, John Olsen, Roberto Opalio, Jim O'Rourke, Tony Oursler, Steven Parrino, Raymond Pettibon, Edwin Pouncey, Richard Prince, Lee Ranaldo, Ed Ruscha, Gus Van Sant, Wilheim Sasnal, Dana Schutz, Jim Shaw, David Shrigley, Leah Singer, Mike Smith, Patti Smith, Robert Smithson, The Club In Shadow, Kathy Temin, Gokita Tomoo, Dennis Tyfus, Alan Vega, Jeff Wall, Mike Watt, Marnie Weber, Jamer Welling, White Columns Archive, Christopher Wool, Shinya Yamamoto, & Nate Young.

For more info:
LiFE- International Space of Emerging Arts
Submarine Base, Bay 14
Bd de la Legion d'Honneur 44600 Saint Nazaire
t: +33 (0)2 28 45 99 45

Copies of the chapbook Hello From The American Desert with Lee Ranaldo's Poetry & Curt Kirkwood's artwork are still available via

The other Larry=Welsh

All the Larrys in my life have been busy lately bringing the public the poetic goods...

La Alameda press in Albuquerque, New Mexico just released a stunner from Mr. Welsh entitled "Skull Highway" that's available for $12.00 at This is the largest collection of his poems since 1999's "Rusted Steel and Border Town Starts". Needless to say this one comes highly recommended...

His latest chapbook- "Walking Backwards to Santa Fe" is available for $6.00 from us at and there is a new one on the way called "Del Rey Raga"

Also some anonymous fan has posted an alcoholics music site on myspace at . Larry sang in this punk group from 1979-1982. They released a 7 inch single that recently sold on ebay for $165. You can hear 3 songs from the 5 song 7 incher on myspace.

There is also talk that artifix records ( which has recently reissued records from the bags among other LA punkers will be reissuing this choice chunk of vinyl for the youth of today to take a listen to.

So congrats to Larry for being so happenin'!

Speaking of Larry Sawyer & Eric Leonardson

If you are in Chicago tomorrow night then I highly recommend that you head over to brown rice to check out two Silver Wonder related artists in action!

Monday July 21st
8 PM

1st Set:
Larry Sawyer- Poetry
Dan Godston- Trumpet, Small instruments

2nd Set:
Eric Leonardson- Springboard
Laura Emelianoff- Open Harp

brown rice
4432 North Kedzie
Chicago Il 60625

Larry is the author of a fabulous new Silver Wonder chapbook called Disharmonium that is available now at our website.

Eric is featured on Liquid Sprays of Carabryl an upcoming Silver Wonder CD that is a live duo with Fred Lonberg-Holm from 2006. Available soon!

The Silver Wonder- What's new and what's on the way...

Right before I left Chicago I was able to release a new chapbook from Silver Wonder Press. The new one is- Disharmonium by Larry Sawyer. Larry is the former editor of Nexus and current editor of He also curates the Myopic Poetry reading series in Chicago. Recently Bill Berkson read there and soon David Meltzer will too. The chapbook also features cover art from Amy Evans McClure. It's available now for $10 from the silver wonder website at

You can find Larry's blog at:

lots of things coming out soon too, both chapbooks and cd's.

The Mantis and other poems by Steve Dalachinsky should be out shortly. These are poems inspired by the man and music that is Cecil Taylor.

Liquid Sprays of Carabryl by Eric Leonardson & Fred Lonberg-Holm will also be released soon. This is a live recording from June of 2006.

and soon after...

Move Over and Give Them Some Room - Poems by Yours Truly

Tarnished Silver - Poems by Kenneth DiMaggio

and CD's from:

Fred Lonberg-Holm's Lightbox Orchestra
Magic Squares...

tumbleweeds=new address

anyone coming to this blog recently would have been confronted with a lot of nothing new, when in fact there's been a lot happening which i will get to updating ASAP.

first order of business. we have relocated after four years in chicago. if you would like to get in touch, have yr record reviewed, etc please contact me at the address below:

The Silver Wonder Press/Recording Co.
Abraham Gibson
1333 East Broadway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85719