Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Magic Squares at Elastic Arts


Please come out this weekend for the premier of my new group, Magic Squares- (featuring members of ONO, Druids of Huge, Plastic Crimewave Sound, and 8th Day Adventists)

The show starts at 9pm

Saturday March 15th
Elastic Arts
2830 North Milwaukee Avenue
$7 suggested donation

Magic Squares: Abe Gibson, P.Michael Grego, travis, Plastic Crimewave, Alex Wing, Ben Billington

Also on the bill:

Duchamp (www.myspace.com/duchampband)

& Our esteemed guest from Pittsburgh- (from DLBD, Vale and Year, etc)
David Bernabo plays in a duo with Paul Giallorenzo

see you there!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Silver Wonder Titles reviewed in Arthur Mag by Thurston Moore and Byron Coley

It's encouraging to see some of the better small presses keep it happening in these dreary days of virtual desire. Chicago's Pitchfork Press has wisely changed its moniker to The Silver Wonder Press but not before allowing one more Pitchfork rag to be constructed. It belongs to Gerald Locklin who has been writing strong and steady since the early '60's with over 3000 poems in print within 125 books and rising, including this fine stapled edition titled The San Antonio, Savannah, & Daytona Beach Poems. His is an eagle's eye on the American landscape of humanity and all its frenzied lassitudes and is worth reading for the sake of connecting to honest rumination in the face of TV death. Dig? Two issues under the new Silver Wonder imprint are one each by Guy R. Beining and Robert O'Neal. Beining has a long history of writing supersonic slices of minimalist poetry. Outside The End has some of his most choice new jams alongside some drawings and collages to help crack the sweet code. A few lines from "almost complete, 5/7/01-monday": "those golden notes/ are from a cave/ & the black acid drops/ come from the t.v./ where its widening/ white circle is lost/ in protraction of the skull./ why not bang another/ bone on the floor..." Robert O'Neal works somewhere in southern Indiana as a sweeper in a car repair joint. Perfect poet environment and he rips wicked lines left and right in both anger and solace in search of righteous juice. One poem rolls off into a litany of fuck declarations:"Fuck high fructose corn syrup/ Fuck computers dumped in the 3rd world/ Fuck dirty bombs & sanitized word bombs..." Fuck yes. (Newsbreak: Silver Wonder Press has just issued Hello From the American Desert, a 40-page collection of Lee Ranaldo's spam-inspired poetry, accompanied by artwork by the Meat Puppets' Curt Kirkwood)