Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brian Klein's Blog

Brian Klein aka The Machinist has a blog up for yr enjoyment at:

Give it a gander....

impossible map

I've been making music with a group here in Tucson called impossible map. Check us out on myspace at:

I am the drummer on some of these tunes...

ADD US!!!!!

The history of ONO is online

Roctober posted the article/interview online. Go to:

Hench Gives Metallica A Makeover

An old friend from Springfield who designed the silver wonder website has recently brewed up a storm of audio controversy.

Hench didn't like the mix of Metallica's newly released album so he made his own. Let's hope those guys don't employ the same lawyers W. Axl Rose does!!!

Check out the article in Wired mag at:

Hench's website:

Monday, September 08, 2008

The history of ONO in Roctober Mag #45

The latest issue of Roctober mag features a history of one of Chicago's finest bands of noise/art terrorists, ONO. Pick up a copy online at:


Give P. Michael a visit at myspace:

There's a link there to 13 discs worth of downloadable live ONO!!!!!

Larry Welsh's website

Larry Welsh's website has been revamped and is looking great, so spend some time at Larryworld checking out reviews of his work and other goodies.....

Calling all SST freaks...

If you are as big a freak for all things SST as I am then I highly recommend you head over to pay the Donut Duck a visit at:

He's got a ton of audio there for folks to download, including some of those OOP LP's
like "Kill From the Heart" & "No Wishes, No Prayers" that will cost you plenty on ebay...

Go now to vote for who you think was the greatest vocalist for Black Flag. I voted for Dezzie....