Thursday, June 29, 2006

july- under the surface...the silver wonder

manoman june turned out to be quite a month, and while july won't be so hectic for me performance-wise, on the homefront there's a whole shitstorm of stuff brewing...

at the end of the month we'll be moving out of this loud ass roach motel and into a bigger quieter place on the far north side of only one more month of putting up with constant distractions, lots of roaches, and a crosstown bus ride.

friends visiting-spencer from austin and david from boston-i'll try not to get too drunk....linklater's animated version of PKD's 'a scanner darkly' will hit theaters....and the silver jews will come to town at month's end....if only the cubs could win a fucking game already!

hopefully i can get michael c ford's chapbook 'to kiss the blood off our hands' w/ bonus mini chap 'the marilyn monroe concerto' out by the end of the month and follow it up soon after with steve dalachinsky's 'trust fund babies'.....

machines are humming here at HQ and finally after 10 years of big talk- i've finally got my record label up and's called the silver wonder recording co.

here's a list of our first releases:

swr01- robert o'neal- shadowboxing
swr02-steve dalachinsky/loren connors- thin air
swr03- abe gibson/paul giallorenzo/brian dibblee- live at 3030
swr04- abe gibson/alex wing/bill mackay/jayve montgomery/brian labycz-5 gtars
swr05-fred lonberg-holm/eric leonardson-tba

mike woodfill will be designing a website that we hope to have up pronto and you can purchase discs there. check out the other site mike designed:

so if all appears quiet this month- i assure it is not, under the surface of things, i'll be churning out the goodies to you fine folks.....

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Luc Ferrari r.i.p.

i just heard luc ferrari referred to as the late luc ferrari, a sad and devastating thing to hear.

if you're not familiar with his work- i won't make an ass of myself here trying to describe the music he made, but i will urge you to check out some of his sounds

several years back blue chopsticks put out his-cycle des souvenirs (1995-2000) an incredible record full of whispers and firecrackers (literally).

there is a photo on the back cover of him sitting on a ledge in headphones w/tape recorder and microphone recording the desert

luc ferrari dead...why couldn't it have been wayne coyne instead? or that aging drunk ron wood? or eric "fartbag" clapton?

Monday, June 19, 2006


folks a dream come true for ol abe- been working at it with alex wing for awhile now and we've managed to put together quite a guitar army.....

we are calling our group suge, or - subtext unleashed guitar ensemble and you can see us this friday night (june 23rd) in chicago at the spareroom
2416 west north avenue
8 pm

the first incarnation of suge will feature:

abe gibson
alex wing
bill mackay
jesse thomas
chris lange
brian labycz
jayve montgomery
matthew daniel
brian klein
ben boye
matt field

and we are still waiting for confirmation from several other guitarists.

fuckin exciting shit, eh?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

jack "shitbag" white

Am i the only one who's had enough of this fucker?

I've never seen a person conduct himself in a more idiotic manner.

Hey, I'll be honest- I had problems with this weinerboy from day one. The first reason he gave me to wish ill of and on him was when he butchered "one more cup of coffee" a perfect song that should have been left alone.

Then there was the time i accidently saw the white stripes- i had a free sxsw wristband a few- shit , maybe five years back and went to room 710 for the sympathy for the record industry showcase- the headliner was a personal favorite-bob log and right before him were the bellrays (everyone was saying they were like the mc5 w/aretha franklin as their lead singer- they were alright) and before them were those sorry ass stripes. They played a sloppy shitpile of a set and frankly I felt that the drummer should have left stage embarrassed. And jack "shitbag" white (if that is his real name) wasn't playin shit.

Then there was his involvement with hachetfaced talentless texan actress renee zellwegger- which luckily didn't produce offspring.....

followed soon by a sickening display of ridiculousness of suing garage rock legend Billy Childish for plagarism. Which to me is like john denver suing bob dylan- I MEAN, COME ON. I read jack's stupid ass comments and you can too at:

and now i'm hearing about some fight w/the von bondies and jackie boy trying to act hard (behind his lawyer) He marries a model and starts swinging his little dick around...

Jack, just because you are from Detroit doesn't make you a bad ass. I'll gladly take off these thick glasses and kick your ass all over the MTV video music awards.

You're a chump- you've burned all your bridges and there's no going back now.

Say hi to Neil Sedaka and Herman's Hermits for me in the bargain bin you hack because that's at the end of your road-Jack(ass)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Daniel Carter's 'Work In Process'

the churning continues here at HQ...yet another new chapbook to entice you good folks with. I am referring to work in process (volume one) by daniel carter who is an amazing writer and quite a musician to boot. He has played in Test and Other Dimensions In Music as well as in various ensembles including Matthew Shipp, Federico Ughi, Sun Ra, Cecil Taylor, Sam Rivers, & Alan Silva.

Two recent recordings featured Daniel that I highly recommend are "let's be still" on yo la tengo's 'summer sun' lp and the record he did with matthew shipp and the anti pop consortium is fuckin dynamite!

As far as I know this is the first collection of Daniel's writings to be published in a single edition, and it is planned that more volumes will continue this work in process....Get yours now for only $3! For order info contact me at:

For more info on Daniel try these:

and check out his page on the aum fidelity site at:

Monday, June 05, 2006

first public poetry reading since 1998!

alot of excitement in my life this week with the trio playing tomorrow night and then on sunday....

i'll be reading poems at myopic bookstore (mostly from my new colection-"the glass onion effect in the new millenium") with a guest, Charles P. Ries from Milwaukee who has appeared in the pages of the pitchfork poetry magazine...

you can catch all the action this sunday june 11th
at 7pm
myopic bookstore
1564 n milwaukee avenue

and for more on Charles click these:

a splendid time is guaranteed for all