Wednesday, November 22, 2006

two poems in the new OVER THE TRANSOM

the latest issue of OVER THE TRANSOM (#16)has arrived at my door with two of my poems included-'electricity' and 'whacking at spiders with an old shoe'. this issue also features work from: charles p. ries, john grey, guy r. beining, and arthur winfield knight...
if you'd like to purchase a copy send $5 to:

825 bush street #203
San Francisco, CA 94108

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

ways and means duo w/abe gibson & pamela osbey

i will be performing new and newer poems this evening(as will pamela osbey) at the muse cafe with the ways and means duo of dan godton and joel wanek making music along with us.

you can catch all the action tonight
tuesday november 21st
muse cafe
837 north milwaukee avenue
8-10 pm

robert altman r.i.p.

i was just watching one of his films last night and this morning my computer is telling me that american film directing legend, robert altman has passed away.
for all of my cine-obsessed friends out there i highly recommend nashville, the player, and particularly his take on the stories of raymond carver- short cuts. if you haven't seen these films there is a gap there, folks.....

Sunday, November 19, 2006

gibson/lange/thomas at myopic bookstore

3 dudes...3 electric gtars

monday november 20th
7:30 pm
myopic bookstore
1564 north milwaukee ave
chicago, il, usa
free show

Monday, November 13, 2006

Neil Young - Tell Me Why

this one too...
Groove is in the Heart - Dee-Lite

the world needs a little of this on this monday...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

malachi ritscher 1954-2006

from peter margasak's the meter column chicago reader nov 10 06:

A Final Protest

last friday morning during rush hour a man set himself on fire near the ohio street exit on the kennedy expressway. he hadn't been officially identified at press time, but members of the local jazz and improvised music community say they're certain it was malachi ritscher, a long-time supporter of the scene who recorded more than 2000 live shows. bruno johnson, who owns the free-jazz label okka disk, received a package monday from ritscher that included a will, keys to his home, and instructions about what should be done with his belongings. johnson, a former chicagoan who now lives in milwaukee, started making calls and discovered that though police won't confirm it was ritscher until they get the results from dental tests, an officer told one of ritscher's sisters that all evidence points to the body being his. ritscher's car was found nearby, and he hasn't shown up for work since thursday.what's more, on ritscher's web site chicago rash audio potential, a compendium of invaluable show postings, artwork, and photography, are a suicide note and an obituary. both indicate that he was deeply troubled by the war in iraq, and pinpoint it as a motive for suicide (though no method is specified). a note found at the scene of the immolation reportedly read "thou shall not kill."

a memorial will be held at elastic
2830 north milwaukee avenue
sunday november 12th from 5pm to 8pm

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

myopic=gtars X 5

this monday november 13th i will be at myopic as part of a 5 piece gtar ensemble...

the players...

josh abrams
ben boye
cliff ingram
abe gibson
alex wing

the details...

myopic bookstore
1564 north milwaukee avenue
7:30 pm
Cat Power on Letterman

Monday, November 06, 2006

go ahead, throw yr birkenstocks at me

all right listen up van halen haters of the world-they are going into the rock and roll hall of fame and there is nothing you can do about it. I for one am fucking thrilled (this is david lee roth we're talking about here-not sammy)
what bothers me is what i'm reading from these PC rock writers who are outraged that van halen would be inducted along with their critical wet dream, R.E.M.
this is a no brainer. this is the rock and roll hall of fame not the VH1 hall of fame. Why is no one blinking an eyelid over R.E.M.'s induction?
this whole deal reminds me of an episode in neal pollack's book-never mind the pollacks- where he goes to a house party in athens with the minutemen and R.E.M. is there. Pollack removes michael stipe's tape from the deck and puts on van halen II. stipe is horrified and declares that van halen's music "promotes rape". yeah record nerd, go read it, it's awesome.
don't get me wrong, i've got a few R.E.M. records in the stacks but i refuse to lick their butts as so many "rock" writers do and kinda question their induction among other rock heavies who really deserve it like patti smith and the stooges.
Paul McCartney and Wings - Helen Wheels

Friday, November 03, 2006

nice one dumbfuck

the atonal boners, the greatest band in the world played their first show last night and you missed it!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

i sing real good

tomorrow night i will be unveiling my latest group, a shronk rock ensemble by the name of the atonal boners-featuring myself on gtar and vocals, jesse thomas on drums, and chris lange on bass. other bands on the bill-the machinist (a.k.a. brian klein) and sounds happy+william sides...

bar vertigo
853 n western (a few blocks south of the empty bottle at iowa ave)