Thursday, February 22, 2007

poems in two places

received a few things in my mailbox today.
one is issue #89 of free verse featuring a haiku of mine
available for $5 at:
free verse/marsh river editions
M233 Marsh road
Marshfield WI 54449

the second is issue #17 of zen baby featuring my poem: i have been away
available for $2 at:
zen baby
po box 1611
santa cruz ca 95061-1611


it's been a totally shitty month and to be honest with everyone i'll be glad to see it go...i've been dealing with migraine headaches for most of the month-so i've spent alot of time in bed, then last weekend i fell down a flight of stairs- so i'm pretty jacked up lurching around like frankenstein's monster.i'm tired of the pain and ready to get on with my life already...