Sunday, June 24, 2007

Thursday, June 21, 2007

the bull's tongue

i thought that arthur mag was kaput so imagine my surprise when i was forwarded a link to a review written by mr. thurston moore in the bull's tongue review column that he does with byron coley. they say some really nice things about unicorn mountain #2 (i'm the fiction editor folks-send me something good!) and he also mentions - work in process - a chapbook by daniel carter that i published last year.

it's here at:

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Robert O'neal's A Cosmic Clown's Science Fiction Religion Now Available

We're really churning them out now folks! I'm happy to announce the latest release from the silver wonder press- Robert O'neal's A Cosmic Clown's Science Fiction religion. This is O'neal's third chapbook and the second one of his I've published. It also features a cover photo by John Atwood and is available for only $2!!!!!

At the end of july O'neal's cd- Shadowboxing will also be available from the silver wonder recording company.......

He was recently featured in the online magazine gnome, with several new cosmic clown poems there. check it out at:

the silver wonder global h.q.
p.o. box 146399
chicago, il 60614
(checks and m.o.'s payable to c.a.gibson)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tonight!!! Southside!!!

Some sick love from my group the end of the world band tonight!!!

We are playing a show at south union arts along with bill mackay's darts & arrows and one other act...

You can catch all the psychedelisized shronk action at this location:

south union arts
1352 south union avenue
chicago , il

show starts at 8 pm
cover is $5-10 (donation)

silver wonder chapbooks from robert o'neal & guy r. beining out now!!!

Even more chapbooks out this month from the silver wonder press. I'm happy to announce the release of two new ones.

The first is A Cosmic Clown's Science Fiction Religion from Robert O'neal. This is his third chapbook and he takes no prisoners-uttering the words "fuck high fructose corn syrup" (yes he went there) Be the first on yr block to get a copy with a cover photo by John Atwood...

The second is Outside the End by Guy R. Beining. This book is a beautiful mixture of Guy's poetry and art.

They are available thru yrs truly at:

The Silver Wonder Press
PO Box 146399
Chicago, IL 60614

O'neal= $2
Beining= $4
(checks and m.o.'s payable to c.a.gibson)

next week- Lawrence Welsh's Walking Backward to Santa Fe (pitchfork press)!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

the end of the world band on myspace

jesse and i have joined the cyber society of jerks, also known as myspace. now you can see and hear us online!!!! one click and you'll have proof that we are indeed yr friends.

add us!