Sunday, January 16, 2005

back in illinois

back in illinois after 8 years in austin.
but living in chicago is a first for me. austin? i don't miss it. sure there are some folks i miss, josh,spencer,taco. and i miss eating swad (best indian food in town, austinites take heed and head to swad)
first few months in chicago were emotionally cold & cruel. lived in a shitty basement apartment under a morbidly obese psychopath. went out and wondered-where is everyone?is this all there is?looking behind pillars in the subway station for "my people" hiding behind them.
moved into our new place two weeks ago and the city has blossomed, or i have in the dead of a show coming up, an internship at a great record label,and a poetry reading being organizied.things are going on.
hello chicago

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