Thursday, September 14, 2006

touch and go 25th block party

it's how i spent my wekend, it's why i took the time off. my homeboy andy and his lady adri flew in from lawrence kansas via kansas city to take it all in and well here's what i took in...

friday night: i saw all the acts and have to say that the girls against boys set was really the highlight. they did the venus luxure no:1 baby lp in its entirety plus kill the sexplayer and a few others...the shipping news wasn't bad despite a bass heavy sound man (duh, dude turn it down and give us some treble)....supersystem was a huge stinky one...ted leo did his typical thing...and !!! danced their asses off til i went home....

saturday: i caught killdozer who did king of sex as well as uttering the classic-you call this cup of shit coffee?...well i'd rather drink from the dick of a goat
then there was jon langford and kat from the ex's short set that wasn't bad despite an argument i got into w/a dude who spent alot of time manicuring his facial hair-the song i remember was called bouquet of barbed wire, i think...not bad
but really for me and andy and all of us central/southern illinois kids the real treat of the fest was the reunion of the didjits who did not disappoint delivering probably the most kick ass set of the festival. and the most clever insults.
after that i wasn't up close but heard negative approach's plummeling set followed by scratch acid's reunion as the sun set. man it was cold and all i had on was a t-shirt-i really wanted to stick around for big black's short reunion and shellac's set but was so cold and miserable that i had to bail out of there.

sunday: couldn't care less about this day....tara jane o'neill was not bad-had a few good moments towards the end of her short set...seam made no impression...todd trainer's brick layer cake was a damn shame to see...and finally the black heart procession played but even with a coat-it was shitty. so with the rain coming down and no bands to really get excited about it was bye bye to the touch and go fest which was fun but made this goofy mutha feel a little old, you know?....

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