Friday, January 04, 2008

2 titles reviewed in Iconoclast #97

A Cosmic Clown's Science Fiction Religion
Robert O'Neal

The Ginger Man runneth amongst us, splashing burning wit and satiric acid at our brains with much wordplay and jousting at religion and philosophy. In this brief poetry chapbook, we encounter someone well able to articulate our rage at the stupidity of 21st Century American life. Catch him if you can- and hope he returns for another round.

The San Antonio, Savannah, and Daytona Beach Poems
by Gerald Locklin

...'San Antonio' too has a picture of the poet: a photo on the back cover bathed in red. But the poems are more down-to-earth; how we deal with others (colleagues, lovers); our own habits and foibles. A little 'town and gown' here: academic conferences at expensive hotels (with poverty a few blocks away). Finally, Mr. Locklin recalls moments of his personal life and history.

Reviewed by Phil Wagner

1675 Amazon Road
Mohegan Lake, NY 10547-1804

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