Sunday, July 20, 2008

The other Larry=Welsh

All the Larrys in my life have been busy lately bringing the public the poetic goods...

La Alameda press in Albuquerque, New Mexico just released a stunner from Mr. Welsh entitled "Skull Highway" that's available for $12.00 at This is the largest collection of his poems since 1999's "Rusted Steel and Border Town Starts". Needless to say this one comes highly recommended...

His latest chapbook- "Walking Backwards to Santa Fe" is available for $6.00 from us at and there is a new one on the way called "Del Rey Raga"

Also some anonymous fan has posted an alcoholics music site on myspace at . Larry sang in this punk group from 1979-1982. They released a 7 inch single that recently sold on ebay for $165. You can hear 3 songs from the 5 song 7 incher on myspace.

There is also talk that artifix records ( which has recently reissued records from the bags among other LA punkers will be reissuing this choice chunk of vinyl for the youth of today to take a listen to.

So congrats to Larry for being so happenin'!

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