Sunday, February 26, 2006

i finally saw animal collective

now i know i have been a bit of a naysayer lately when it comes to animal collective, and according to the little write up in the chicago reader this week i am not alone. their new record-'feels' is a big letdown for me after the amazingly original and multilayered album 'sung tongs', as well for as several other fans of theirs.

the last record was just two guys, alot of sweet acoustic songs (through tons of weird but organic processing) for this new one they've added 2 new(er) members and really created a "big" sound that on record does not translate, in other sounds like shit. i hate it. i even hate the cover art. there are parts that remind me of rush (my one misgiving about our move to canada is the proximity to that horrible fuckin band. seriously!)

so after suffering through my ranting you can see that i had pretty low expectations going into their early show tonight at logan square auditorium. i arrived a bit late, and more that a bit buzzed (give me some time to drink some more of my free fuckin whiskey) AC had already started their set but i couldn't have missed much.

the place was packed, i don't know what capacity is over there so i'll say there were several hundred if not a few thousand people there (a bigger crowd then the boredoms drew) i walked into a huge swelling sound, that droned and pulsated through my body. it was the kind of sound that makes you want to cry-cause you can't control it. it's the kind of sound that makes your knees buckle.

most of the songs they played were unfamiliar to me. i recognized a few from the feels lp that were not annoying live like they are on that shit disc. one of the last two songs they played was "kids on holiday" from sung tongs. a highlight for me. if there was anyone in the audience with cancer, i'm sure that this music healed it.

animal collective are the real deal folks, experience them while you can......

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