Friday, February 24, 2006

what i did today

woke up
got outta bed
was immediately hassled by wife for blanket hoarding in the night
sat in the back bedroom
stared out into space
got ready for work
went to work via 74 fullerton bus to sheffield transfer to red line train to addison
noticed all the drunks buying cubs tickets (huge lines!)
bought a cheeseburger
ate it
cleaned the bar
drank a superfood
bought a book at bookworks- the key by junichiro tanizaki
went to home depot on halsted
bought a caulk gun
caught the 74 fullerton back west
got the mail
did the dishes
talked to the landlord on the phone
talked to my mom on the phone
cooked eggplant parmasean
ate dinner and talked w/my wife
wrote in my journal
took the dog out to shit
checked my email
supplied cia/fbi with detailed list of day's activities.......

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