Saturday, September 08, 2007

guitarkestra III

today i had the pleasure of taking part in the sonic maelstrom that is the plastic crimewave vision celestial guitarkestra orchestrated by steve krakow. we were the group that opened up the hideout block party at noon.
it felt great to be out in the sun being a part of this pulsing, klanging mass of guitars (and basses, and a violin, and a great freakin drummer). although we were about 60 shy of the hoped for 100 it is always a joy to be a part of (or even near) a beautiful large sound like this....
another highlight of the day was finally seeing mucca pazza who were even better than i expected, a rare occasion indeed! as the kids say-"these guys are the shit!"
and speaking of shit-art brut who played a bit later were shit, pure fact half way through their set i went and took a shit. bryan ferry's body double just wasn't cutting it for me folks-but that's what exits are for...

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