Tuesday, September 04, 2007

review of dalachinsky/connors cd

from downtown music gallery newsletter:


featuring the voice and poetry of steve dalachinsky and the electric guitar of loren connors.this was recorded live at the knitting factory in 2000 and took quite a long time to finally get released. after a flurry of activity, with some fifty+ discs of mostly solos and duos, loren connors has been laying low for the past few years, playing the area set and recording infrequently. the great local poet, scenester, cantankerous character and good friend to all of us other downtown freaks, steve dalachinsky has grown more busy in the past few years, doing more readings than ever, going to paris a few times a year and having more discs out than he used to. this duo has played here at DMG on a couple of occasions through the years and i savor each set.

thin air captures an entire 63 minute set from the new knit when friends of ours still played there regularly. steve's poetry is honest and apt as he describes his and ours lives here in the ever changing downtown scene. loren's spooky guitar is often sparse and a great match for steve's words. i like the way steve repeats certain phrases so that it gives us some time to let the observations sink in. loren also works his special magic by selecting notes often one at times and bending those strings to add some pain/punctuation to the stream of observations that steve slowly dishes out. it's funny how steve's brooklyn accent and the tone of loren's lonely/haunting guitar remind me so much of this scene i've been a part of for so many years.an hour may seem like a long time to loan yourself to this disc, but i find it to be like listening to a short story about my life, our lives here on the lower east side-BLG
cd $14 (limited edition of 300 numbered

downtown music gallery
342 bowery
nyc 10012-2408

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