Tuesday, November 27, 2007

cruel november

folks I've spent most of this month very sick and have been unable to post here as much as i wanted to. some exciting things did go down and i managed to drag myself out of bed to do them...

november 9th the end of the world band joined p. michael grego & travis from ONO and played a set at plastic crimewave's four million tongues festival at the av-aerie.also on the bill:alela diane, heather leigh murray, outpost, alisdair roberts, and charlambides. someone told p. michael that we sounded like a riot!

november 20th the chicago guitar ensemble played at elastic. this time around it was:
alex wing
jesse thomas
cliff ingram
brian klein
c.ezra lange
don ramon
bill mackay

brian labycz was gonna conduct this one but his gear wouldn't function so it ended up being a free for all!

labycz played in the opening set with his group-travelers and conquerors=labycz/zarzutzki/davis. aaron zarzutzki did some pretty incredible shit with a couple of cymbals and a no output turntable!

no new gigs scheduled for a bit. taking a little break to work on my meat puppets biography...

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