Wednesday, May 18, 2005

recommended books

in no certain order:

the knockout artist-harry crews
the pill vs. the springhill mine disaster-richard brautigan
planet joe-joe cole
london fields-martin amis
bluebeard-kurt vonnegut jr.
hunger-knut hamsun
radio free albemuth-philip k. dick
gravity's rainbow-thomas pynchon
ada, or ardor-vladimir nabakov
tarantula-bob dylan
the feast of love-charles baxter
the job-william s burroughs
how bluegrass music destroyed my life-john fahey
the outlaw bible of american poetry
the stranger-albert camus
last exit to brooklyn-hubert selby jr
the rosy crucifixion trilogy-henry miller
fear and loathing in las vegas-hunter s thompson
our band could be your life-michael azzerad
mexico city blues-jack kerouac
black mesa poems-jimmy santiago baca
pattern recognition-william gibson
car-harry crews
the biggest secret-david icke
the woman in the dunes-kobo abe
the sportswriter-richard ford
the cryptonomicon-neal stephenson
tales of beatnik glory-ed sanders
ham on rye-charles bukowski
the illuminatus trilogy-robert anton wilson
the crying of lot 49-thomas pynchon
in watermelon sugar-richard brautigan
the dream songs-john berryman
the cat inside-william s burroughs
the trial-franz kafka
the stargate conspiracy-lynn pickett & clive prince
collected poems-kenneth patchen
weaveworld-clive barker
body-harry crews
never mind the pollacks-neal pollack
pale fire-vladimir nabakov
the rachel papers-martin amis
ask the dust-john fante
tropic of capricorn-henry miller
waiting for the barbarians-j.m. coetze
cranial guitar-bob kaufman
speed-william s burroughs, jr
honeymooners-chuck kinder
shock value-john waters
a people's history of the united states-howard zinn
king of the roadkills-bucky sinister
house of leaves-mark z. danielewski
tristessa-jack kerouac
the lemon-mohammed mrabet
vineland-thomas pynchon
the nuclear age-tim o'brien
ubik-philip k. dick
prometheus rising-robert anton wilson
play the piano like a percussion instrument until the fingers begin to bleed a bit-charles bukowski
tropic of cancer-henry miller
breakfast of champions-kurt vonnegut,jr.
a coney island of the mind-lawrence ferlinghetti
the castle-franz kafka
bop!-sappho (a.k.a. wulf zendik)
children of the matrix-david icke
franny and zooey-j.d. salinger
hymns to saint geryon & dark brown-michael mcclure
schrondinger's cat trilogy-robert anton wilson
journey to the end of the night-louis ferdinand celine

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