Tuesday, May 24, 2005

30 Years of Abe

all of the sudden it is 2005 and i've been around for 30 years. celebrating my birthday today(along with archie shepp & bob dylan) with nothing feeling scary.
It's been a good week as chicago sputters into springtime, today outside it's MF'n beautiful, with lots of sun and sky.
A good week- I finally got to see the boredoms (last saturday night at logan square auditorium) I had pretty high expectations. I expected them to be so good that it would be like tripping without drugs. It was good to see them finally but I was a little let down and really tired as i made my way to the blue line station. Too much like a japanese butthole surfers. I expected it to be really precise, especially eye's parts, but it was kinda sloppy and didn't really hold my attention.
A good week- saw the final star wars movie on sunday so now after 28 years of this, I can finally get on with my life
and now shit, I'm thirty and the same. Tired, crazy, poor, crackling, inspired, etc.

peace out to mike w and his iron lung!

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