Wednesday, May 18, 2005

111 essential records

1.peaches-the teaches of peaches
2.jim o'rourke-eureka
3.royal trux-cats and dogs
4. the pharcyde-labcabincalifornia
5.david bowie-the man who sold the world
7.pixies-surfer rosa
8.silver jews-american water
9. bob dylan-desire
10.oukast-the love below/speakerboxx
11.pj harvey-dry
12.can-ege bamyasi
13.pussy galore-rigth now! want some
15.rolling stones-exile on main street
16.grifters-one sock missing
17.meat puppets II
18.palace music-lost blues and other songs fowley-outrageous
20.dinosaur jr-you're living all over me
21.ol dirty bastard-return to the 36 chambers
22.gastr del sol-upgrade and afterlife
23.kool keith-black elvis/lost in space
24.spacemen 3-the perfect prescription
25.velvet underground-white light/white heat
26.boredoms-vision creation newsun
27.brian eno-taking tiger mountain (by strategy)
28.clouddead s/t
29.butthole surfers-locust abortion technician
30.frank zappa-hot rats
31.sonic youth-sister
33.the fall-dragnet
34.minutemen-double nickels on the dime
35.13th floor elevators-easter everywhere
36.neil young-tonight's the night
37.the beatles-the white album
38.ween-chocolate and cheese
39.bongwater-the power of pussy
40.lou reed-coney island baby
42.beck-mellow gold
43.cannibal ox-the cold vein
44.yo la tengo-fakebook
45.sly and the family stone-there's a riot goin on
46.mc5-kick out the jams sabbath s/t
48.ornette coleman-science fiction
49.lord high fixers-is your club a secret weapon?
50.neil young-on the beach
51.john fahey-the legend of blind joe death on the radio-desperate youth, blood thirsty babes
53.arthur brown-kingdom come
54.husker du-zen arcade
55.loren mazzacane connors/alan licht-hoffman estates
56.lou reed-street hassle
57.the damned-machine gun etiquette
58.will oldham-joya
59.brian eno-before and after science
60.sonic youth-daydream nation
61.kinks-muswell hillbillies
62.steve reich-music for 18 musicians
63.spacemen 3-taking drugs to make music to take drugs to
64.didjits-hey judester
65.jimi hendrix-axis:bold as love
66.the cure-disintegration
67.yo la tengo-i can hear the heart beating as one
68.captain beefheart and his magic band-trout mask replica
69.sun ra-space is the place
70.big black-songs about fucking
71.doo rag-like we do
72.dead milkmen-big lizard in my backyard
73.thinkin fellers union local 282-lovelyville
74.sun city girls-valentines from matahari
75.talking heads-fear of music
76.the specials s/t
77.paul and linda mccartney-ram
78.elvis costello-this year's model
79.guided by voices-alien lanes
80.x-los angeles
82.butthole surfers-rembrandt pussyhorse
83.oblivians-the sympathy sessions
84.sonic youth-bad moon rising
85.bonnie prince billy-i see a darkness floyd-piper at the gates of dawn
87.mummies-play their own records
88.bob dylan-highway 61 revisited
89.gories-i know you fine but how you doin?
90.firehose-ragin full on
91.mighty caesars-english punk rock explosion
92.cream-disraeli gears
93.shannon wright-flightsafety
94.ween-the mollusk
95.orko-the psychotik alien york dolls s/t
97.cherubs-heroin man
98.negativland-helter stupid
100.john coltrane-meditations
101.kiss-hotter than hell
102.roxy music-siren
103.alice cooper-love it to death
104.eleventh dream day-prairie school freakout
105.royal trux-accelerator
106.beans-tomorrow right now
107.flying saucer attack-further
108.tom waits-frank's wild years
109.melt banana-charlie
110.lou reed-berlin
111.bob dylan and the band-the basement tapes

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