Thursday, July 19, 2007

उप्कोमिंग shows

july 30th- myopic bookstore
w/jesse thomas & mari akita (austin)

july 31st- elastic
the silver wonder recording company presents:
gibson/giallorenzo/labycz trio
fred lonberg-holm/ eric leonardson duo
the end of the world band with mari akita

august 16th- south union arts
the end of the world band
cookies and dirt

august 19th- fireside bowl
the end of the world band
dbld (pittsburgh,pa)
cookies and dirt

september 8th- hideout block party
i will be performing as a member of plastic crimewave's vision celestial guitarkestra (100 gtars!!!)

oct 26th- south union arts
abraham gibson conducts!!!-
an electric prayer for derek bailey

nov 18th- myopic bookstore-
the silver wonder press presents:
readings by abraham gibson and larry sawyer
reading from my new chapbook-
'move over and give them some room'

all these events take place in chicago, ill...

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