Thursday, July 26, 2007

the silver wonder recording company is open for biz

as mentioned in my previous post. this tuesday july 31st i'll be having a label showcase/ record release party at elastic arts in logan square. we will be celebrating the release of 3 recordings....

swr01 robert o'neal- shadowboxing
spoken word/ musical collaboration from robert o'neal and friends. like jello biafra fronting the magic band. edition of 100

swr02 steve dalachinsky/ loren connors- thin air
recorded live in nyc in 2000 here we find one of new york's hardest working poets performing a set with guitar shaman loren connors and magic ensues...edition of 300

swr03 abe gibson/paul giallorenzo/ brian dibblee- live at 3030
a live set from 2005 from three young chicago improvisers...edition of 100

all these are handmade cdr releases and are available for $8

for more info contact:

the silver wonder recording company
po box 146399
chicago, Il 60614


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